What is our life like? How to describe its movement? Entering a monastery is itself a great witness to the transcendence of God, to the hope that sustains us. The world watches a young woman actually turn her back on all it values, on wealth and fame and power, on a thousand attractive yet transient possibilities for no other reason than faith in a call and faith in Him who calls. By entering a monastery she does not merely walk across the threshold of a brick building in Virginia. Christ is our temple, the indestructible temple built up in three days out of the tragedy and victory of the Cross. One embracing the life of a Poor Clare enters into Him through His pierced Heart, and she abides with Him. This is but a preparation for a lifelong surrender that, day by day, authenticates the vow we make to live "without anything of my own." Our entrance, our leaving all else for God's sake and going to the temple to seek His Face, represents one whole segment of our life, and is repeated with each faithful answer to the summons calling us to praise God. Going to the temple is truly a "martyrgia" (a witness!) in the Church.
The second movement of our lives, after going to the temple, takes place in the temple itself. How great is our joy in making a fourth vow, one of enclosure, of remaining "hidden with Christ in God." The monastic choir is the heart of the monastery, the space that opens into eternity where Christ unceasingly praises His Father. In his Apostolic Exhortation, Vita Consecrata, Blessed Pope John Paul II, speaks of monastic cloister as "a response to a need to be with the Lord. This radical poverty, expressed in renunciation not only of things, but of space and contacts, allows you to be consecrated for worship, and especially to enter more fully into the Eucharistic Mystery."
12:35 a.m. Rise for Matins
  5:00 a.m. Rise for Lauds
  6:05 Coffee
  6:45 - 7:30 Lectio
  7:30 Terce
  8:00 Holy Mass
  9:00 Morning work begins
11:40 Sext
12:10 Dinner
 1:45 p.m. Rosary & None
 2:30 Work
 4:15 Vespers & Adoration
 5:05 Collation
 6:00 Recreation
 7:00 Solitude Time
 7:45 Compline
 9:00 Retire
Then comes the third movement, the going forth from the temple to bear witness to the primacy of love in service to our Sisters. After contemplating Christ on the cross, we labor to lay down our lives in the ordinary tasks of cooking, cleaning, gardening, sewing, typing and bookkeeping. We join our brothers and sisters in the world of work, lifting them as a sacrificial offering pleasing to the Lord.